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Promotional Security is a retail display concept that combines product promotion, open merchandising and store security system.  At ADSEC Global, we recognise the importance of these elements to the retailers and are passionate in creating innovative solutions that help improve product flow, product visibility and the store security.  Our aim is to have your customers’ pick up, touch, play and experience the product without comprising security.

From the entrance to the shop floor and to the exit, we have a portfolio of solutions to help retailers secure assets, improve operational efficiency and increase profitability, and provide a better environment for both the customers and employees.

Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS)

The retail sector is very unique in the many challenges it face. We understand these challenges and have assembled a whole suite of practical solutions to help retailers overcome them. We offer both AM and RF anti-shoplifting solutions that are designed to help retailers improve business efficiency and yet provide an inviting environment for customers.

Merchandising Security

MTI provides solutions that allow retailers to securely display, power and showcase a full spectrum of consumer electronics. Its innovative solutions increases the profitability of the customers by:

  • Decreasing theft
  • Increasing sales by creating the best consumer shopping experience
  • Focus is on sales, not troubleshooting, theft or false alarms

Self Alarming Security

Customer expectations have changed over the years.  Many want to be able to freely pick up the merchandise and experience it before making the purchase. In order to meet that expectations and improve customer experience, securing the merchandise makes it even more important. We provide a range of self alarming tags that can be used as a standalone application or in conjunction with the EAS detection system for a higher-level anti-theft protection.

Traffic Counting

Location is critical to the success for retailers and mall operators. They use traffic data to substantiate the value of each retail space. People traffic at mall entrances, intersections, escalators and parking lots is important to know for proper staffing and security. We provide an end-to-end solution for collecting and analysing behaviour data, and have the platforms to streamline retail metrics and craft solutions that generate simple, actionable insights to increase retail performance.

IP Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is recognised as an essential element to retailers.  With technology evolving and the demand for better image quality, the retail industry is witnessing the increased adoption of IP video surveillance.  Compared to analog technology, IP video gives a clearer view of the daily operations and it allows the ability to view video remotely making it real easy for your loss prevention staff to see, analyse and manage the store security on the go.  We know the different security needs in the retail environment and have a range of IP cameras and network video recorders to help address retailers security concerns.