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Traffic Reporting Platform

Traffic into and out of the store is critical for retailers to understand their overall performance. We have different reporting platforms that presents traffic metrics at the store level and up, from basic entries and exits to derived metrics such as sales conversion.

TrafficIQ® by Brickstream

TrafficIQ provides analysis of traffic data for individual stores and across multiple store locations, regions and the entire chain including: people counting at the door; sales conversion; store performance; and customer-to-staff ratios. Real-time, historical and trend reporting across the chain and for each store provides store managers, in-store staff, regional/district managers and executives the rich information they need to make decisions and improve performance.

TrafficIQ® Lite by Brickstream

TrafficIQ Lite is a light-weight and intuitive reporting web application that helps retailers and mall operators turn people counting metrics into actionable insights. TrafficIQ Lite reports on arrivals, exits, and occupancy for the current day as well as for a custom time period.

Traffic Insight by Beonic

Traffic Insight collates data from a network of highly accurate sensors and combines this with POS, roster and other data types. This sophisticated, network-ready people counting system can be tailored for very large, open plan retail environments. Built on Java EE, Traffic Insight supports all major platforms offering unparalleled operating system and database flexibility.