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Brickstream Smart Devices

Capturing the behaviour of people in physical spaces such as retail stores, entertainment venues, transportation venues and malls. Brickstream smart devices allow you to see more, know more and do more with your physical environments.

Brickstream LIVE

The newest smart device, Brickstream LIVE unifies in-store analytics and security by combing stereo vision analytics, surveillance video and wireless location detection in a single device.

Brickstream LIVE smart device is the first and only device to combine behavior, security and proximity analytics in a single platform. Designed for retailers, mall operators, entertainment venues, transportation facilities, healthcare facilities and others who want to understand how people enter, move through and exit physical spaces and to improve security.

Brickstream 3D

Used in thousands of locations around the world, Brickstream 3D uses stereo vision analytics for people counting, queue management and in-store analytics. It provides highly accurate anonymous information about how people move into, around and out of physical places such as stores.

Brickstream 3D smart device is used by retailers, mall operators entertainment venues, transportation facilities, healthcare facilities and others to improve customer service, optimize labour and increase revenues.

Brickstream 2D

Brickstream 2D is a mono video capture device offering lower cost for applications not requiring stereo vision capture.

The Brickstream 2D single lens smart device provides accurate customer counting in indoor environments with low to medium traffic volumes and consistent lighting.

Enclosure: Plastic, white or black
Cabling: Cat 5e
Ethernet: Single channel 10/100Mb
Addressing: DHCP or Static IP
Protocols: TCP/IP, DHCP
Time synchronisation: SNTP, Daytime Protocol, Proprietary
Data delivery: HTTP, SMTP, FTP
Secure data delivery: HTTPS, FTPS