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Traffic Counting Solution

Location is critical to the success for retailers and mall operators. They use traffic data to substantiate the value of each retail space. People traffic at mall entrances, intersections, escalators and parking lots is important to know for proper staffing and security.

We provide an end-to-end solution for collecting and analysing behaviour data, and have the platforms to streamline retail metrics and craft solutions that generate simple, actionable insights to increase retail performance.

  • Brickstream Smart Devices: IP based “computers with eyes”, that capture the behaviour of visitors.
  • Reporting Platform: Deliver the insights to support timely decisions – including real-time decisions.

Brickstream Smart Devices

Capturing the behaviour of people in physical spaces such as retail stores, entertainment venues, transportation venues and malls. Brickstream smart devices allow you to see more, know more and do more with your physical environments.

Used for in-store analytics such as people counting, queue management, end cap performance, service time analytics, proximity analytics and more, Brickstream smart devices support in-store analytics from the front door to the back wall of your stores.

All Brickstream smart devices can be remotely managed using Brickstream Device Manager.

Reporting Platform

Traffic, or people counting, is a measure of opportunity, demand for staff, and security. Traffic analytics are used to increase sales, optimise labour and improve service. We have different reporting platforms that provide reliable and accurate people counting metrics.

  • TrafficIQ® – presents full traffic metrics at the store level and up
  • TrafficIQ® Lite – a lightweight and intuitive web reporting
  • Traffic Insight – premier traffic counting system