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The Effects of Ozone Water

Ozone water deactivates 90% of noroviruses in 15 seconds and 99% of noroviruses in 30 seconds. It also decomposes and eliminates acetaidehyde, combats periodontal disease, and breaks down substances that cause bad breath.

Ozone Water

Ozone water is created using special technology to dissolve Ozone air in water. It is completely safe and can be used to disinfect food.

Detergents cannot be used to wash raw ingredients but Ozone can effectively remove bacteria while remaining completely harmless.

Approved by US FDA (Food & Drug Administration) as an anti-microbial agent for food processing and storage.

Water becomes a sterilant that can destroy the majority of microorganisms in approximately 5 seconds. As it is created using oxygen atoms, Ozone water is completely safe and does not cause any harm even if it enters the eye or is ingested.


Examples of the use of Ozone water


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