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The Effects of Ozone Air

Exposure to Ozone air at 0.05ppm for 6 hours has been shown to inhibit over 99.7% of viruses. Ozone air combats hay fever, allergies, sick-house syndrome, and also acts as an insect repellent.

Ozone Air

Ozone oxidizes and breaks down foul-smelling molecules to eliminate unpleasant odours. Unlike perfumes, it does not simply mask foul odours but ensures that unpleasant smells do not return. The powerful oxidative potential of Ozone kills microorganisms and ensures that no resistant strains evolve.


It is effective against adherent bacteria!

Our ozone products eliminate adherent bacteria and odours as well as airborne bacteria.  This is what sets our ozone products apart from air purifiers.

Results of Ozone Air concentration testing have shown that Ozone air concentration is 0.1ppm (Japan Quality Assurance Organisation (JQA), November 10, 2006).  Each country has its own Ozone air concentration standard and we can customise the ozone air concentration value accordingly.

Application of Ozone Air

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