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Bactector HK III

The Bactector HK III removes bacteria and odour for large area. Based on requirements, the unit can be customised to suit different applications using nozzles and piping.


  • Remove bacteria and odour for large area
  • Delivers twice the performance with 2 g/h ozone gas
  • Spray ozone air at designated area
  • Highly customisable using different configurations of nozzles and piping
  • Suitable for factory, food court, shopping mall, cold storage room and large grease trap

Indoor Piping Method

For indoor application, ozone gas spray volume is approximately 300 to 500 m3. Effective in deodourising and eliminating viruses, mould and insects. Suitable for application in warehouse, cold storage room, garage and etc.

Grease Trap Cleaning Method

Highly effective for grease trap treatment volume below 500ℓ. Ozone generated reduces the amount of fats and oil, and it breaks down odour. No more hassle cleaning the tough grease trap!

Tank Method

Ozone water is safe and environmentally friendly with no residual toxicity. It can be used to wash raw ingredients, eliminate bacteria, disinfect and deodourise the drainage, etc.

 Model  HK III / 1g  HK III / 2g
 Ozone air concentration  1000 mg/h  2000 mg/h
 Ozone air flow  80 L/min  80 L/min
 Power consumption  135 W  140 W
 Weight  20 kg  20kg