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Merchandising Security

MTI has a rich history of both innovation and product development. MTI is a solutions company and its innovative solutions increases the profitability of the customers by:

  • Decreasing theft
  • Increasing sales by creating the best consumer shopping experience

Freedom Core II

Freedom Core II™ is the next generation from MTI popular Freedom Core line. It takes the essential elements from the industry’s most robust security platform and assembles them into a compact, sensor based merchandising system

Freedom Micro

Freedom Micro™ is the industry’s smallest, no-sacrifices, easy-to-install, top mount solution for smartphones, tablets and other consumer electronics with unmatched security that integrates into any fixture.

Freedom Micro UM

Freedom Micro UM™ has all the great standard features as Freedom Micro such as: ‘Quick-Release’ for easy re-merchandising and ‘1:1 security’ where the screamer is attached to the device.

Freedom Micro DI

Freedom Micro DI™ is the newest configuration within the Freedom Micro product line. The ‘DI’ stands for Digital Imaging, and was designed to secure, display and power all DSLR cameras, point-and shoot cameras, mirrorless cameras and camcorders.

Freedom LP4

Freedom LP4™ brings the industry’s strongest security to virtually any retail display. Easy to install and maintain, the single-position system powers and secures all low-powered electronics using minimal space beneath the fixture.

Enterprise Solutions

ArmorActive, a MTI company, specialises in multi-purpose solutions that allow tablet deployments for business applications. It creates fully integrated system that offers complete security, integration and connectivity — all while maintaining the mobility, simplicity and ease-of-use that makes the tablet such a revolutionary tool for businesses.