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RF Detection Systems

Takaya adopts the RF technology and its range of EAS systems includes aluminium open frame, classic acrylic and ultra-slim acrylic systems, giving retailers a variety of options for their store entrance protection.  The Takaya EAS systems are built to last, making it aesthetically pleasing even after years of installation.


The TS-A2 aluminium frame is durable and blends nicely with the store design. With the Takaya’s original noise reduction technology, it offers high performance at a reasonable price. This model also comes with a plastic panel allowing retailers to customise insert for advertising purpose. The detection range from 80cm to 100cm on each side of the pedestal depending on the tag used.


The TS-3500 clear and slim acrylic detection system offers theft deterrence while maintaining store aesthetics. With its special engineered wiring technology, it prevents the pedestal from warping making it a slim and robust detection system. The detection range from 70cm to 90cm on each side of the pedestal depending on the tag used.


The TS-4500 is Takaya’s slimmest engineered antenna specially designed for high fashion retailers. The fine workmanship is non-intrusive to the store entrance design and it retains shoplifting deterrence effect. The base comes in real wood nature cherry matt lacquered finish or stainless steel brushed polished giving retailers the option to select a system that integrates seamlessly with the store aesthetics.